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Waterless cookware is a food preparation method that includes no or very little additional water during the cooking process. Many people don`t realize that adding water to cooking food leeches out the nutrients and reduces your overall health benefits. Healthy waterless cookware uses the natural moisture in foods to steam cook the items, making the food more nutritious and full of flavor. All you need for healthier eating is a set of waterless cookware.

Waterless Cookware Design Waterless cookware is typically constructed from several layers of metal, including an iron or aluminum core surrounded by heavy-gauge stainless steel. This keeps the potentially hazardous chemicals found in soft metals out of your food while allowing for the even transfer of heat. The cookware lid is specially designed to create a vapor seal, trapping the heat inside so the food cooks in steam. As the moisture condenses, it falls back down to the cooking surface to create a natural, tasty juice.

Benefits of Waterless Cookware Waterless cookware allows the minerals and vitamins to remain in the food instead of being boiled away. The natural moisture flavors the food, which means you won`t need to add any artificial flavor enhancers. Using waterless cookware means that you won`t need to use oils or fats to cook your food. This reduces the amount of calories and fat you consume, which can reduce your cholesterol levels and help you maintain a healthy weight. You never have to worry about your pots and pans contaminating your food since they are made from safe stainless steel.

Waterless pots and pans distribute and retain heat extremely well. You typically just need to set the burner to medium until the cookware heats up and then turn it down to the lowest setting. You never have to use high heat when cooking with waterless cookware, which means you save energy as well as water. Using waterless pots and pans can also save you time. You don`t need to constantly check, turn or stir your foods. You also don`t need to peel your veggies, which eliminates prep steps. Waterless cookware is very easy to clean because foods don`t usually stain or stick to non-porous stainless steel. If food does get stuck, just pour a little water into the cookware and put it on low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Then the stuck-on bits and pieces should wipe right off with a sponge.

Waterless Cooking Tips Rinse your food in cold water and allow it to drain before cooking. This leaves just enough moisture clinging to the item to allow the natural juices to form. Resist the urge to peek while the food is cooking. Removing the lid allows the steam and heat to escape, which will lengthen the cooking time and could dry out your food. Always use the correct size of pan for the amount of food you plan to cook. The food should nearly fill the pot or pan. If you have too much air inside of the cookware, the vapor seal can`t form and your food will probably burn.

Choosing Healthy Waterless Cookware Look for waterless cookware made with high quality stainless steel. The most popular cookware is 7-ply and the more layers the cookware features, the more evenly your food should cook. Check the cookware handles to ensure they are heatproof. Try the lids to make sure that they fit snugly so they create a vapor seal. Once you purchase your waterless cookware set, you can use it on any type of stovetop, including top ranges such as Rangemaster Classic Deluxe.
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