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A quality wine purse, clutch, tote, or wine bling is just as indispensable as the quality wine glasses that you use. There are many situations where having a convenient, easy to carry wine purse, clutch, or tote is so much better than using the regular bag or just carrying it in the open to be exposed to the weather.

The wine totes, purses, & clutches that we carry come in a large variety of sizes, styles, and designs so there is a perfect wine carrier for every wine enthusiast. Made with the finest materials these wine purses, clutches, & totes will hold your finest wines securely and the thermal insulated compartments will also keep them at the right temperature.

Each Wine Purse includes a corkscrew and elastic strap to keep your bottle secure. The bottom is footed in chrome to allow it to sit gracefully. Great as a Wine Tote, but may also be used as a purse.

The Wine Clutches are a stylish, single-bottle wine tote that include a stainless steel corkscrew and a thermal insulated compartment to keep your favorite bottle of wine chilled. They are small, lightweight and very trendy. Can also double as a lunch bag.

Wine Totes are extremely useful for taking along wine to a tasting or even a “bring your own” type of restaurant. They also are very convenient for carrying your wine purchase home from a vineyard or your favorite wine store.

The Wine Bling designer sets include a matching Corkscrew, Bottle Stopper, and 6 Bling Wine Glass Markers. 

Whether you select a Wine Purse, Clutch, Tote or a Bling set, they are all items that most enthusiasts can use making them ideal gifts as well as wonderful wine accessories for yourself.
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